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Instrumental leasing is a financial product aimed at the acquisition of an instrumental asset to its business, against the payment of a periodic rent and with a purchase option at the end of the contract.


  • Opportunity to establish an instalment plan.
  • Tax deductibility of lease payments and access to the main preferential laws.
  • Chance to benefit from dedicated tax incentives, with particular reference to Enterprise 4.0 such as the measures of Tax Credit 4.0, Nuova Sabatini, Innovative SME Support/Start up..
  • Redemption fee set out in the contract.

The Operating Lease or Operating Rental is an alternative to financing and Leasing, in which the capital goods, necessary for the entrepreneurial activity are purchased by the financial company and leased, the user without the latter undertaking to purchase them at the end of the contract.


  • Equity savings.
  • Flexibility: operating leases have no minimum duration and at the end of the lease several options are possible (renewal, return, continuation, purchase of used goods).
  • Tax efficiency: the operating lease is fully deductible for both IRES and IRAP purposes without limitation of minimum duration.
  • Budget predictability and management: operating leases generate fixed rents. The fees are inclusive of insurance of the good and also may include the scheduled maintenance or other services, depending on agreements with suppliers.

Finalized Funding is the financing of a sum, to be returned in instalments, linked to the purchase of a certain good or service. The amount of the loan, unlike personal loans, is paid directly to the seller of the asset.


  • Immediate access to the asset by not depriving the company of liquidity or not having the necessary sum.
  • Instalments.
  • Quick credit granting
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