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I Bilanciai srl admin 20 January 2023

Bilanciai srl was founded in the early '90s

I Bilanciai S.r.l. based in Apulia (Italy), precisely in Barletta, was born from the initiative of Bizzoca Carlo, founder and until today Sole Administrator of the company, which has made in a few years one of the leading companies in the industrial weighing sector in Italy.

The company specialized in the design, manufacture and maintenance of industrial weighing systems, offers high quality products in a constantly evolving and expanding market.

Today it oversees the entire national territory through its direct and indirect sales network ensuring a management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, in addition to being qualified to participate in public contracts as certified SOA 18A class II.

The company has been recognized by CRIBIS (Leader Company for the management of commercial credit and business development in Italy and abroad) as a company of maximum commercial reliability, which guarantees certified raw material, Italian production, skilled workers and technicians, customer loyalty thanks to a direct sales network and a network of qualified dealers.


Exhibition area, which offers the opportunity to present our weighing systems and guide customers to identify the most suitable product to meet their needs.

The Product portfolio, consists of a Electronic modular Weighbridge, of weighing systems beyond the weighbridge:

  • Small, medium and large Weighing Platforms
  • Iron Weighing Platforms
  • Axle Weighing Platforms
  • Cattle Weighing Platform
  • Self-service Systems
  • Waste Management Systems
  • Weighing & Filling Machine for Food and Non-food Products
  • Software & Applications

In recent years the creation and development of a software house has allowed us to create cutting-edge products and develop weighing software for every need, customizable and copyrighted.

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The Company is organized in areas of specific expertise, all are allocated at the headquarters and directly follow the entire process:
  • Design
  • Purchasing Office
  • Production
  • Quality control
  • Technical office
  • Commercial office
  • Administrative office
  • After-sales
  • Metrological laboratory
  • Calibration service

Reference market

Potential recipients of our products and services are:

  • Companies PRIVATE of small/medium/large size, mainly producers and traders in sectors all transversal between them from agriculture to agribusiness to wholesale/retail, from logistics to transport, and industry.
  • Companies with STATE PARTICIPATION and PUBLIC ENTITIES, among these Municipalities, Provinces, Regions (particularly active in the construction of ecological islands that today require weighing systems dedicated to waste management), Aqueducts, Companies in the energy sector (water, electricity, gas).


The company has the resources and the means to ensure a  series production of each product and wide availability of goods in stock, as well as managing the implementation of customized projects that allow you to meet the specific needs of customers.

The flagship products of the company are the WEIGHBRIDGES, made entirely in our factory, in painted/ galvanized version with single-piece floor or dual track, complete the product guardrail, truck climb/descent ramps, terminals and weighing software.

The in-house Design and Production allows us to develop and realize any customization required, including: Weighbridge size, Capacity, Structure height.